Tangential magnets polarization

The tangential polarization of the magnets can concentrate the magnetic field much more than an array of Halbach magnets. Glue is not needed to install magnets, it can be removed and magnetized. The simple inrunner motor construction  allows to achieve a higher torque density than outrunner with the same diameter and weight.

Grain oriented steel

Grain oriented (GO) steel for stator teeth and core improves performance by approximately 5%. A higher saturation value for grain oriented steel allows for a smaller tooth width and larger wire cross-sectional area.

Rectangular copper wire

Rectangular copper wire increases the fill factor to about 70%, which will increase the current density in the motor coils.

IP66 designe 

IP66 fully sealed motor construction allow work in difficult environment conditions

High efficient cooling structure 

The open stator construction with teeth between the coils, combined with high thermal conductivity insulating paper and impregnation varnish, allows highly efficient remove heat dissipation from the coils.

Coaxila motor connection. 

All of our air-cooled motors can be assembled with two counter-rotating motors construction.